07/2019: Invited Talk at the computational neuroscience Conference (OCNS) 2019, Barcelona, Spain

Workshop on emergent phenomena in macroscopic neural networks 

Title: Singing the mind with connectome-specific harmonic waves.

04/2018: Plenary Talk at The Science of Consciousness Conference 2018, Tucson, Arizona

Title:  Connectome Harmonic Signatures of Consciousness and its Altered States.

12/2017: Invited Talk at Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, germany

Workshop on Large-scale Trends in Cortical Organization 

Title: Harmonic Language of Large-scale Brain Dynamics.


09/2017: Invited Talk at university of california santa barbara, U.S.A

Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential

Title: Harmonic Signatures of Consciousness Meditation and Psychedelic state.


04/2017: Conference Talk at Psychedelic Science 2017, Oakland, U.S.A

International Conference on Psychedelic Science

Title: Enhanced Improvisation in Brain Processing by LSD: Exploring Neural Correlates of LSD Experience with Connectome-Specific Harmonic Waves.


03/2017: Invited Talk at Imera Workshop, Marseille, France

Workshop on “Symphony of Modern Neuroscience”

Title:  Harmonic signatures of consciousness, sleep and psychedelic experience.


10/2016: Tutorial Talk at MICCAI 2016, Athens, Greece

Tutorial on “Analysis of Structural and Functional Neuroimaging”

Title:  Connectome Harmonics: Linking structure and function of the human brain.


07/2016: Invited Talk at CNS 2016, Jeju, South Korea

Workshop on ”Connectome: Structure and Large-Scale Dynamics”

Title:  Connectome harmonics: Self-organizing principle behind brain’s functional networks


07/2016: Invited Talk at Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

Workshop on ”Functional & Structural Brain Connectomes and Applications to Dementia”

Title:  Unlocking the language of human brain networks: a fundamental principle linking brain’s structural and functional connectivity


04/2016: Plenary Talk at The Science of Consciousness Conference 2016, Tucson, Arizona

Title:  Exploring neural correlates of consciousness with connectome harmonics and neural field models.


11/2015: Invited Talk at CIFASIS, Rosario, Argentina

Title:  Exploring neural correlates of consciousness with connectome harmonics and neural field models.


11/2014: Invited Talk at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Spain, Barcelona, Spain

Title:  Modeling Neural Correlates of Consciousness with Reaction-Diffusion and Connectome Harmonics.


04/2012: Invited Talk at University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Title:  Image and Video Representations for Scene Recognition.


09/2011: Tutorial Talk at MICCAI 2011, Toronto, Canada

Tutorial on “Manifold Learning with Medical Images”

Title:  Image Similarities for Creating Video Manifolds.


10/2010: Invited Talk at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA

Title:  Video Manifolds and Image Representations.


07/2009: Invited Talk at International Computer Vision Summer School, Catania, Italy

Title:  Deformable Wide Baseline Matching.


02/2008: Conference Talk at SPIE Medical Imaging, San Diego, USA

Title:  Real-time Respiratory Motion Tracking.